Story of an Actor Whose Life Role is to Travel

About the Traveler

About the Traveler

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Meet Kevin, @PirateOfParadise!

To begin with, let’s hear more about the main character of all the great travel stories that we are about to be told.

Firstly, we would love to hear more about you! Could you, please, tell us more about yourself and your activities?

I studied film acting, so I am an actor. I play in movies, image films, economic films, commercials, etc. Soon perhaps I will be in the upcoming TV series. My artist name is Kevin Mike Minder. If you’d like to see more about me as an actor, you can check out my Facebook page.

Besides acting, I work with refugees from all over the world. It is a hard job, but at the same time a very beautiful one, because as a traveler I’m really open minded and interested in different cultures. My first job couldn’t be any more different than the other one. Working with refugees brings me down from the whole film industry and, at the same time, it is an enrichment for acting.

Anyway, let’s come back to travel! I guess you could say that I am the actor who found his role of a lifetime. The role of a traveler!

With whom are you usually traveling? Or are you a solo traveler?

I do both. I travel solo, or with friends, or people I get to know on my journeys. I believe that while you are traveling, you will never be alone. You meet so many great people! You really have to be in a search for loneliness, if you wanna be on your own.

Nonetheless, that depends on the country or a place where you travel, I guess.

travel inspiration
Greece through the lens of @PirateOfParadise.

How many days per year do you usually spend traveling?

As often and as much as I can! I prefer to go on longer trips. For me it takes from about two to three weeks untill I’m really there, detached from the normal life.

What’s your inspiration for traveling?

My inspiration is the goal to live my life.

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