Story of an Actor Whose Life Role is to Travel



Travel Inspiration
El Nido, Palawan by @PirateOfParadise.

Our favorite part, isn’t it, Dear Reader? Let’s hear all about the life role of our talented guest.

What type of traveling do you like the most?

I like all of them! I love to fly through cumulus clouds when the sun is slowly coming up. I love to watch the dolphins jumping up and down beside the boat. I love meeting locals in public transport and having a good talk. I love the freedom of stopping where ever I want it to when having a car.

I just like to be set in motion! I guess I have a gypsy soul.

How many places have you visited?

A lot! But if I had to say a number, it would be twenty. Because I just count the ones I really traveled through. I think this is much more important than the number. If you just rush through, you didn’t experience the country.

Could you briefly describe the trip that left you the biggest impression?

There are so many! But here is one of them.

A Philippine family invited me to their home. We drove with the motorcycle (too many people on one!), to a huge flat rice field and I was like: ‘Okay, where are we?

Then someone pointed to a little island of palms in the middle of the rice field. And it really was their home! They all showed up to welcome me and picked down some coconuts as a welcome present. There were just three to four little houses and they all shared one water pump in the middle of the island. By the way, covered with just a several plates, the thrown was outside too.

Later we all gathered in front of one small TV and we sang karaoke till late! We all slept in the same room. Some of us on the floor, the elders on a bed.

I’m so thankful for meeting them, that was a highlight! Such things are the best of traveling for me. In the end, I remember people the most.

Travel isnpiration
Green Philippines by @PirateOfParadise.

What is the most wonderful place you have ever visited?

There are so many of them! I really can’t name just one.

For example, the Ardent Hot Spring on Camiguin Island, Philippines. But it wasn’t just the beauty of the place, I think it was more due to the beauty of the moment.

It was a typical tropical rainy afternoon. I found this mystical hot spring in the middle of the jungle and as I swam in that basin of this clear turquoise hot water, with the gentle raindrops on my skin. I think, I somehow had a moment of meeting myself that day.

What was the most memorable or challenging story from your trips?

Again, there are simply too many!

Once in Yucatan, we went to some hidden Maya ruins. At that moment, we didn’t realize that these temples were in the middle of a huge bio reservation. We crossed a shield, which said: ‘Don’t go further‘, bu the problem was that saw that just afterward. So, unflustered we walked through the jungle, as suddenly something growled at us. We weren’t sure if we heard right. Then that repeated, just much closer and louder. It really pierced through marrow and bone! I’ve never heard something like that before, or ever again. It turned out to be a freaking leopard! We started slowly sneaking back, and at some point, we ran as fast as we could. Exhausted but happy to be alive we sat down on a bench, still heavily breathing, not realizing that there is a f***ing gigantic tarantula on it, which, by the way, was already in position to attack.

It was like in the movies. Normally, you gotta be lucky to spot anything in the jungle. For that day we sure had enough of nature.

What a story!! A day like this should be named the second Kevin’s birthday!

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