Story of an Actor Whose Life Role is to Travel



travel inspiration
Starfishes of Philippines by @PirateOfParadise.

If you will just take a glance at the Instagram gallery of @pirateofparadise, you most definitely will be excited about this part the way we are. Time for Kevin’s photography tricks!

Tell us a bit about the equipment that you are using. With what did you start? What do you use now? Why did you choose this particular model? Is there a camera that is on your wish list?

I started with a cheap digital Canon camera. Now I am a proud owner of a Canon 6D. So far I’ve got a standard zoom lens and a Sigma 35mm 1.4.

I’m a huge fan of bokeh. That’s actually why I bought a reflex camera in the first place. I love to work with the focus.

Next, I am planning to purchase a wide angle prime lens.

What was that inspired you to get into photography? Do you have like role models?

I got into photography because of my travels. I loved filming and photography since I remember myself!

As to role models, there are so many good photographers that I like. For example, one of them would be Steve Mccurry.

travel inspiration
Myanmar by @PirateOfParadise.

What is that you love to take pics of the most? Moreover, why?

I like everything. When I am taking a photo, I try to tell a story through it. But, well, I am not a professional.

Walk us through some basic rules that you apply to when taking photos. Are there some particular techniques? Do you take pictures only during some particular time of day?

I am definitely not a golden hour slave. I am trying to make it as three dimensional, as possible. So that the observer would feel like he is right in it.

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