TOP 10 of 2016 – Colmar

As the year 2017 is just around the corner, we decided to see how was the year 2016. Well, it was wonderful! We started the TravelersChild and we put our traveling to whole new level. We spent most of this year traveling and exploring not only different places, but different foods, different cultures, met a lot of new great people and just had one of the best years of our life. It’s hard to sum up everything and put it all into perspective, but we decided to do exactly that. And what’s a better way than just to look back and think which places we enjoyed the most. Though it’s a difficult task, as we enjoyed every single moment, this also is a very pleasant objective. We hope that you will enjoy this trip down our memory lane as much as we did!

So allow us to introduce our No. 10, which is:

Colmar (France)

Colmar is the third-largest commune of the Alsace region in north-eastern France. The city is simply filled with a lot of architectural landmarks which are accompanied by the city’s wonderful canals.

We visited Colmar in July, when we were on the road going back home from Porto. We spent there an afternoon and we fell in love with this city. It was a real shame that there was no chance to stay there for a bit longer.

What L. has to say about Colmar


Place on L’s list: 10

Colmar proudly opens mine TOP10 list of places I have visited this year for several very strong (and breathtaking!) reasons. Firstly, this little town has the cutest architecture I had a chance to discover this year. Its timber-framed houses seemed to be colored in all the shades of the palette of aquarelle paint. What is more, each detail of every house in Colmar seems to be created with high care and love: starting from shutters, windows, doors, and ending with little cute benches or tiny gardens outside the sweet facades.

Secondly, it’s the canals that make Colmar uniquely beautiful. With all those narrow, straight, small rivers stretched out over the city, Colmar gained not only mine admiration, but also a name of La Petite Venise which could be translated as Tiny Venice. And it surely looks like the tinier and sweeter version of the most famous canal-city in Europe!

Finally, as there would be not enough of the sweet and cute things in Colmar, its residents had adorned everything in hardly imaginable amount of flowers. Colorful, blossoming, scented flowers are everywhere: on the windowsills, on the ground, above the doors and windows, inside and outside. Literally, everywhere!

What P. has to say about Colmar


Place on P’s list: 10

I was just astonished by refined everything was. Every single detail! From doorways, to window shutters, all the way up to the roof-tops. It seemed like everything was taken care of. Finally, to make everything even more perfect – there were flowers and the canals. And the combination of this two just makes everything better.

Still, there were 9 more places I enjoyed even more. First of all, you could say, that it was because I spent not enough time here. Still there are places in my TOP 10 where I’ve spent even less time, as well as, there are places where I’ve spent more time1 and are not on the list. I think the reason for this is that there are many cities like Colmar, there’s really nothing that TRULY stands out, except for its cleanliness and number of flowers.


All in all, we think that if you drive anywhere nearby this city – it would be a sin not to stop here. Timber-framed houses, carvings, decorations, colors, flowers, and canals are the things that made us fell in love with this place instantly! Colmar is the city that deserves to be called a fairytale town.

And believe us, Dear Reader, from beauty, cuteness and colors your head will start to spin in about 5 minutes after you step on the ground of charming Colmar. Well, at least this is what happened to us. 

Rest of the TOP 10

1. Praia da Ursa (Portugal)
2. San Sebastian (Spain)
3. Saxon Switzerland (Germany)
4. Porto (Portugal)
5. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
6. Gent (Belgium)
7. Gerberoy (France)
8. Durbuy (Belgium)
9. Mont Saint-Michel (France)
10. Colmar (France)

  1. Good examples could be: Braga, Lisbon, etc.