TOP Destination of 2016 – Praia da Ursa

For the past month we introduced you to the most wonderful destinations we have visited during the wonderful year 2016. During last year we were blessed with a chance to visit wonderful places all around the Europe, as well, as meet new cultures, make new friends and start the Travelers Child, to share all of it with you!  And as the 2017 is here we are now revealing the TOP DESTINATION of last year. Though, putting the other nine places was a hard, but very enjoyable task, our No. 1 place was pretty obvious since the moment we set our feet there… But before that, we just want to wish everyone a wonderful 2017 and we hope that everyone would be successful in whatever journey they are!

And now, Dear Reader, allow us to introduce you to our very special No. 1 place, which is:

Praia da Ursa (Portugal)

So, this is the cherry on top of our adventurous year! It’s the wildest, hardest to reach, emptiest and the most beautiful beach we have ever been to. And it is a bit paradox, because it is located approximately 100 meters away from the most crowded place in Portugal – Cabo da Roca, or the westernmost point of Europe.

Praia da Ursa is a beach located in the central part of Portugal less than 50 kilometers from Lisbon. As all Portugal seaside, this beach lies on the shores of Atlantic Ocean, so the water isn’t as warm as in, for example, Mediterranean Sea. Nevertheless, surroundings are so beautiful and the water is so clean, that we, for instance, would exchange all other European resorts into this!

While millions of visitors comes to see Cabo da Roca and the astonishing Sintra National Park each year, not everyone is happy enough to find this hidden nature’s pearl. However, we have to admit that even if it would be an easy discovery, the way to reach it is not for everyone. In order to climb down to the beach, you have to go through a steep and rocky trails, and it’s just a torture to climb back. However, believe us, Dear Reader, it’s worth every single drop of your sweat!

What L. has to say about Praia da Ursa

Place on L’s list: 1

After a road trip through Portugal with his friends, P. was talking a lot about this awesome, mind blowing beach called Praia da Ursa. He sent some pics – it looked beautiful, though the impression wasn’t nothing similar to the reality. What is more, P. said that we will definitely return there together when I will join him in Portugal.

Happily, we did return there! And, I think, that it’s the most beautiful place that I have ever (EVER!) been to.

One late July evening we arrived to Sintra to spent a night, and as P. said that it was awesome when this beach was totally empty in the spring, so we decided that we need to get up early that where would be no people. So before 8 o’clock in the morning I was already standing on the high cliff completely amazed by the view that was lying below us. After several minutes of trying to cope with that view we started climbing down. Mountainous trails weren’t from the easiest to walk, but the surrounding view compensated everything. We were stopping in, I think, each 20 steps to appreciate the view which we had a chance to see around us. Finally, after approximately 20 minutes we reached this isolated, a bit wild, and simply astonishing paradise on earth.

However, several things was different than in P. stories from the spring. Firstly, the small waterfall was dried in the summer. And secondly there was a few people – one fisherman in the ocean and two backpackers sleeping in the corner of the beach. Anyway, everything else looked like from the photoshopped 360-degrees picture.

It’s kind a paradox to me that this – the most beautiful – beach is located about 100 meters from Portugal’s most visited place, and is empty as if it would be located in almost uninhabited island. I think that is nearly a miracle to find such place on the peak of tourist season in the country which is top tourist destination in Europe. Actually, I even think that the main purpose of wanderings, road trips and explorations is to find such hidden pearls.

Nonetheless, Dear Reader, I can’t lie to you. There was one more thing that made this place SOOO special.

P. did something to write Praia da Ursa into our hearts forever… And I agreed to that! 


What P. has to say about Praia da Ursa

Place on P’s list: 1

The first time I visited this place was with my bros during our road trip alongside the Atlantic Ocean. We were on our way to Lisbon and we were looking for some hiding spot in the wild to park our car and sleep under the open sky. The destiny, led us to a place near this beach and in the morning as we wanted to take a swim, we decided to go to the nearest beach to our sleeping spot.

The moment we saw this beach from above was crazy. We were actually screaming in awe with a lot of Russian curse words. I remember one of my friends asking How anything this beautiful is even possible?! The road to get down here is not the easiest one, but a one you MUST take.

When we got down here, we were in euphoria. Right at that moment as we were sitting with my bros after spending some time in Ocean, when I told them that this is the place where I’m going to propose to L., because it really was the most beautiful and spectacular place that I’ve ever been to.

Few months later I popped the question, she said Yes and right now I can say that this is the most beautiful and most special place for me ever.


For us both Praia da Ursa was a No. 1 discovery not only of this year, but of our whole travelling life. Also, it’s the most special place for us too. It’s a place that you think you can see only in the movies, it’s so beautiful and so perfect it’s just too hard to describe.

We actually introduced this place in numerous of our articles. So, if you’re travelling anywhere near this beach during summer, trust us, you have to go here. Many people drive pass by it, when they’re going to Cabo da Roca and they’re missing a lot! Don’t do this mistake and take a small hike to get here. You won’t be disappointed.

Rest of the TOP 10

1. Praia da Ursa (Portugal)
2. San Sebastian (Spain)
3. Saxon Switzerland (Germany)
4. Porto (Portugal)
5. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
6. Gent (Belgium)
7. Gerberoy (France)
8. Durbuy (Belgium)
9. Mont Saint-Michel (France)
10. Colmar (France)