TOP 10 of 2016 – Saxon Switzerland

As the year 2017 is just around the corner, we decided to see how was the year 2016. Well, it was wonderful! We started the Travelers Child and we put our traveling to whole new level. We spent most of this year traveling and exploring not only different places, but different foods, different cultures, met a lot of new great people and just had one of the best years of our life. It’s hard to sum up everything and put it all into perspective, but we decided to do exactly that. And what’s a better way than just to look back and think which places we enjoyed the most. Though it’s a difficult task, as we enjoyed every single moment, this also is a very pleasant objective. We hope that you will enjoy this trip down our memory lane as much as we did!

So allow us to introduce you, Dear Reader, to our No. 3, which is:

Saxon Switzerland (Germany)

Saxon Switzerland is a hilly national park in Eastern Germany on the border with Czech Republic and Poland. It is located in the region of Saxony just 40 kilometers away from Dresden on the banks of beautiful river Elbe. Together with Bohemian Switzerland, national park in Czech Republic, Saxon Switzerland forms Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

We knew that this place exists somewhere in Germany for a long time. However, we hadn’t any idea that we have almost crossed it for 3 times in the past year.  Nevertheless, this mistake, caused by the lack of information, was corrected in the late autumn of 2016. As we decided to go on a weekend road trip home1, we started to Google for places where we could make short breaks on our way. And that’s when we saw one pic of Saxon Switzerland in the results of the search. Dear Reader, we literally started to shout cheerfully in our apartment about the how awesome our road trip will be. 

And it definitely was! We spend a night in Dresden, which we actually love a lot, and then drove for ~50 kilometers to find this amazing Sandstone mountains above the beautiful Elbe River. However, it’s noteworthy, that we had difficulties in finding the particular place that we seek to see. When we started our journey towards Saxon Switzerland we knew that we want to see Bastei Bridge. And as we got used to Google Maps taking us straight to the place where we wanted be, we entered ‘Saxon Switzerland’ and started driving. However, this time the most popular place (as Bastei is), was 20 kilometers away from where Google took us. So if you ever think of visiting Saxon Switzerland2 have in mind that it is quite a big natural park. 

What L. has to say about Saxon Switzerland

Place on L’s list: 4

Saxon Switzerland is one of those unique places that you won’t find anything similar anywhere else. For me those Sandstone Mountains reminded of wet sand castles that we used to make on the beach when we were little. Just here those sand castles are surrounded by beautiful forests and accompanied by wonderful Elbe River.

What is more, the atmosphere there is uniquely peaceful. Though it’s kind a well-known place, but people spreads out around whole park, and you can enjoy the beauty of the nature peacefully.

And there is a lot to enjoy there! There are long walking paths above the mountains and the river, which will guide you through such an astonishing nature sights that, I promise, Dear Reader, will make this walk one of the most spectacular you have ever had.

Just plan a day and spend it in Saxon Switzerland – it will be legendary!

What P. has to say about Saxon Switzerland

Place on P’s list: 3

It really is a place where it’s very hard to take bad looking pictures. Everything is just so beautiful and perfect. The Sandstone Mountains, the river, the Basteibrucke and just the wonderful view in the horizon.. I was just running around like a little kid, trying to fill myself with as many different views that I can find in this place as possible.

You don’t often find places where you just immediately get hypnotized by it’s beauty and you just forget about everything that surrounds you, but this place was definitely like that.

I always prefer beautiful nature instead of cities. And the most perfect combination is the nature with a little touch of human hand. The Basteibrucke looks so much in its place that you don’t even think that some people built it, it looks like if it was there for thousands of years and is built by nature as well as the mountains around it.


Though it’s definitely the smallest place from our list and we spent the least time there, but it completely fascinated us.

It’s a must see place if you’re in Germany and Saxony. This place takes away your breath by being so majestic and magical. And, Dear Reader, you know how much we love everything that is magical!

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3. Saxon Switzerland (Germany)
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  1. From Belgium to Lithuania.
  2. And you definitely should do that!