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Travel Inspiration with Gizem Toker

About the traveler

About the traveler

Travel inspiration with Gizem Toker

Travel is Gizem’s passion.

First of all, we asked our dear guest to introduce herself!

I am Gizem Toker. I am travel and wedding photographer with 3 years of working experience. My main job is wedding photography.

How do you manage to harmonize your job and travels?

I combine my travels with work. I explore those places where I go to shoot for weddings. Usually I arrive two or three days before the wedding and spend them exploring new cities and places.

Travel inspiration with Gizem Toker

Gizem’s fiancé is her best travel companion.

It sounds like a dream! With whom are you usually traveling, and how many days per year do you usually spend traveling?

I travel with my fiancé. We even have a separate budget for our travels! Well, except when we go on a work trip as a wedding photographers.

If we are going on a work trip, we usually spend two or three days exploring. But if we go just for the holidays, we travel at least for a week.

Travel Inspiration with Gizem Toker

The beauty of Antalya by Gizem Toker.

What’s your inspiration for traveling?

Traveling is my dream! If I wouldn’t like exploring, I could have easily chosen to work just in my city. But I love to travel and I dream to be a travel photographer, so this is my inspiration.

About TravelersChild

We tend to give a different perspective on traveling and give you more natural view on what’s happening on our travels. We don’t spend hours waiting for right conditions to take a photo or nor we believe in writing about every experience as it was a time of our lifetime or something that will stay in our memories forever. It is how it is, some things we like, some we don’t, some are neutral. We don’t fancy bloggers, who write about everything with unnecessary ton of exaggerated emotions and we wish in our blog posts to convey our emotions and experiences as they were, not how they should be in perfect world. Hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy writing it!

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