Travel Inspiration with Gizem Toker



Travel Inspiration with Gizem Toker
Vienna through the lens of Gizem Toker.

Both, Gizem’s work and free time, is inseparable from moving around the world. So, one of the most interesting things for us was to know what type of traveling does she like the most.

Actually, I like all types of traveling. If we’re going for a short distance, then we usually choose to travel with a car. If we are visiting other countries, then we choose air travel. But I have to admit that my true passion is trains. I have always loved to travel by train!

How many places have you visited?

I have visited 10 countries in total, but it’s hard to count down the number of the cities I have visited. There is lots of them!

Travel Inspiration with Gizem Toker
Charming Turkey by Gizem Toker.

What was your longest trip? 

My longest trip was an inter rail trip through Europe, which lasted for 25 days! Together with my fiancé we traveled through eight countries.

Could you briefly describe the trip that left you the biggest impression?

It’s my inter rail trip. It was the starting point of my wanderings! During that trip I understood how much I love to travel, and noticed that it is necessary for me to be on the move.

In these kind of situations when you are away for a long time, you get the chance to know yourself better, to know how would you act in difficult and complicated situations, etc. And this long inter rail journey showed me that.

Travel Inspiration with Gizem Toker
Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities for Gizem (by Gizem Toker).

What is the most wonderful place you have ever visited?

Florence is a city which I loved the most. It is a city which has a scent of history.

My second most favorite city is Vienna. I call it the White City. I really love everything that is white. And green! 

Travel Inspiration with Gizem Toker
Cinque Terre by Gizem Toker.

What was the most memorable or challenging story from your trips?

It was, again, from my inter rail trip.

When you are using inter rail train ticket you need to fill some forms about the train you will take, the destination where you are heading, etc.

On our last days we traveled to Cinque Terre in Italy. We didn’t have the forms filled and conductor who was checking our tickets asked to pay 50 Eur per each for not filling them. And, actually, we really didn’t need to fill them! Anyway, we took our tickets and ran away from the train as fast as we could. He ran behind us and shouted that he had called the police. We managed to outrun him and took a train nearly two hours later. 

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