Travel Inspiration with Gizem Toker



Travel Inspiration with Gizem Toker
Budapest by Gizem Toker.

We were very eager to hear more about Gizem’s profession at which she is so great. Her photos speaks for themselves! So, firstly, we asked about the equipment that she uses.

When I started taking photos, for a year I used a compact digital camera Fujifilm S1800, if I remember the name correctly.

One day my mother decided to give me a professional Canon 60D camera as a present. It took some time to get used to taking pics with this camera. What is more, I have never went to a photography school. I am self-taught. I google and then I am trying to implement the information I found into my practice.

To be fair, my university degree is in Chemistry. I started to shoot only in university. Back then I took portraits of my friends, took photos of weddings, fashion shows, etc. When I graduated I started to work as a professional photographer and never made it back to the profession that I gained in university.

Later on, I joined Instagram as @gizemtokerphotolab (this is the account which I use for my wedding photography), and then I realized that I need a different kind of equipment, so I bought Canon 5D Mark III and several additional lenses. Now in addition to my Canon I also use DJI Phantom 4.

What is more, my fiancé is wedding videographer. We’re working together. He uses Canon C100 Mark II for his videos.

Travel Inspiration with Gizem Toker
Vienna by Gizem Toker.

What was that that inspired you to get into photography? Do you have like role models?

My travel photography role model is Lauren Bullen. I love her photos! She also travels with her boyfriend, so it’s a bit kind a like me and my fiancé.  Also, Emilie Ristevski. Her adventures are amazing! Anyway, I don’t have any role models for wedding photography.

One day I hope to become role models for others, both in travel and wedding photography.

What is that you love to take pics of the most? 

I love urban and adventure photography. But nature is my true passion! If you’d check my wedding Instagram profile, you could see that I love to shoot in the nature. I really love green!

Travel Inspiration with Gizem Toker
Gizem loves shooting nature (by Gizem Toker).

Walk us through some basic rules that you apply to when taking photos. Are there some particular techniques? Do you take pictures only during some particular time of day?

I don’t like rules. I want my photos to be unique. I take pics of the things that my eyes find beautiful!

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