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Travel Inspiration with Margarita Koropova

About the traveler

About the traveler

Travel Inspiration with Margarita Koropova

Margarita is truly in love with Europe!

First of all, we asked our dear guest to introduce herself.

Hi, I’m Margo! I was born in Moscow (Russia), but more than 6 years ago I moved to Prague (Czech Republic). I’m in love with Prague and I’m very happy to live here, because traveling from country which belongs to European Union is much easier and cheaper than it would be to travel from Russia.

How do you manage to harmonize your job and traveling?

Most of the time I travel on weekends, or long weekends. Though, I have to say that my job allows me to travel any time I want.

With whom are you usually traveling? Or are you a solo traveler?

I love to travel alone, because I don’t depend on someone and I can feel free to go wherever I want, to visit what I want and to take photos as long as I want.

Anyways, I love traveling with my boyfriend, too. At the moment he lives in Italy, so we plan our trips in that way that we could meet each other.

How many days per year do you usually spend traveling?

I usually spend 3 or 4 days per month for traveling (from my experience, 2 days are enough for most of the European cities). Also, twice a year I go on longer journeys (~10 days), somewhere to relax by the sea.

I have never actually counted, but it’s about 50 days per year then, isn’t it?

What’s your inspiration for traveling?

The main inspiration is my curiosity – there are so many wonderful places I haven’t seen yet!

And, also, there are a lot of Instagram accounts which share the beauty of places that are still unexplored by me.

About TravelersChild

We tend to give a different perspective on traveling and give you more natural view on what’s happening on our travels. We don’t spend hours waiting for right conditions to take a photo or nor we believe in writing about every experience as it was a time of our lifetime or something that will stay in our memories forever. It is how it is, some things we like, some we don’t, some are neutral. We don’t fancy bloggers, who write about everything with unnecessary ton of exaggerated emotions and we wish in our blog posts to convey our emotions and experiences as they were, not how they should be in perfect world. Hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy writing it!

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