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Travel Inspiration with Margarita Koropova



Seems like Margo is all the time on the move! Her Instagram profile is constantly updated with beautiful sights for us to admire. So, we were very interested to hear more about what’s behind those charming pictures of hers.

Firstly, we were curious to know what is her favorite type of traveling.

It could seem strange, but I like flying.  If there is a possibility to choose between taking a bus, or a plane and the price isn’t very much different, I’ll definitely choose airplane.

Moreover, low-cost companies, such as Wizzair, Ryanair, Easyjet, etc. usually offer a really good prices and for a lot of great destinations.

How many places have you visited?

Actually, I haven’t visited a lot of places yet. I started to travel only 2 years ago, mostly through European cities, so it’s only 19 countries on my list.

Travel Inspiration with Margarita Koropova

Lake Como by Margarita Koropova.

What was your longest trip?

I guess my longest trip was when I visited my boyfriend in the UK. It took 14 days.

Could you briefly describe the trip that left you the biggest impression?

It’s difficult to pick out one – every trip is unique and leaves its own magical moments together with great memories. I love them all, really.

What is the most wonderful place you have ever visited?

Well, actually, I have my personal TOP list of cities I liked the most. I’ve been to Israel, Egypt, several times to Russia, but there are only European destinations on my list! I just loved them the most. And I want to return there again and again!

Firstly, it’s Prague. Magical place.

Travel Inspiration with Margarita Koropova

Then Edinburgh – I fell in love there.

Travel Inspiration with Margarita Koropova

Budapest – for its atmosphere.

Travel Inspiration with Margarita Koropova

Barcelona – so much to see and to do there!

Travel Inspiration with Margarita Koropova

Rome – history and beauty everywhere around.

Travel Inspiration with Margarita Koropova

Also, Meteora, a beautiful place in Greece, is worth mentioning – old monasteries built on the rocks. It’s difficult to describe, you just have to see it!

Travel Inspiration with Margarita Koropova

What was (were) the most memorable or challenging story (stories) from your trips?

Oh, I have a lot of funny, though challenging stories from my trips!

When I was in Venice with my mom, we couldn’t manage to find our bus station from which we had to depart to Austria. And nobody (!) there couldn’t help us. Half of the people we asked to help were saying that we should go to the train station, other half was directing us to the bus station. Neither of them were right! After we’ve been running around between both station for about an hour, we found out that our international station is just 200 meters away from the normal bus station, and, in order to reach it, we need to take a special train. And there was NO signs of it! In the end, we were late to our bus and it was the last that evening. We had to take the train, and it was impossible to buy tickets! But it’s a different story…

Once I missed my plane from Serbia to Prague, so in the middle of the night I had to take two trains which were full of refugees.

The last story is the latest from Israel. We booked a taxi to the airport for 8 am, but the driver mixed up two orders and called us at 4 am! It was more or less O.K. for me, because I woke up an hour earlier and went by bus, but what about the man who had to go at 4 am instead of us? Nobody came for him and there are no buses driving at night!

Actually, as I see it now, all of my challenging travel stories are connected with transportation. It’s very difficult when you are in a foreign country and don’t know its language.

Nevertheless, all of these challenges I remember just as a funny travel stories to tell. After all, all of them ended well!

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