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Travel Inspiration with Margarita Koropova



This is the fun part! As we probably all want to capture our travel memories beautifully, we like to ask our dear guests about their personal photography secrets. Firstly, about the equipment they use.

A few years ago I was using my Canon 60D, but as time passes and technologies are getting better every day, I started to use only my smartphone. Sometimes I want to take my Canon again, but it weights so much that I prefer to travel with my iPhone 7 every time.

What was that that inspired you to get into photography? Do you have like role models?

I can’t really call myself a photographer. Though I like to take pictures and share them with the other, I’m just an amateur.

Anyway, I love taking pictures since high school. Photography was my hobby, and to be honest, I don’t know why I didn’t become a photographer.

Travel Inspiration with Margarita Koropova

Markets in Jerusalem by Margarita Koropova.

What is that you love to take pics of the most?

When I use my Canon, I love taking portraits. But as I’ve already told, I barely use it. So most of the time I’m traveling, I prefer to shoot landscapes and architecture.

Walk us through some basic rules that you apply to when taking photos. Are there some particular techniques?

The main rule is a good light. And, actually, I have no more rules. Photography is something you should feel and see!

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