65 Countries and Counting: Adventures of Traveler Thiago


As our Instagram community is growing fast and we’ve reached more than 20k followers, we got an unbelievable chance to interact with some amazing travelers from all around the world. So, we came up with an idea to introduce the most outstanding ones and their inspiring stories to everyone. We hope that you’ll have as an amazing time reading these stories, as we had collecting them.

We are very excited to introduce our this week’s guest, our Instagram friend Thiago from Brazil! Thiago is a young lawyer, whose journeys and the destinations he visits, sounds like adventures of a full-time traveler. Graduate from Law School and climbing his way up the career stairs, Thiago found time to visit 65 countries all over the world and even to plan to visit seven new ones in the upcoming months. Busy bee, isn’t he?

What is more, we are very happy that today Thiago found time to share his adventures with us! We asked Thiago about:

And here is what he told us!

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