65 Countries and Counting: Adventures of Traveler Thiago



Travel inspiration
Bolivia by Thiago Sa.

This is the part which is probably the most interesting to us all! First of all, we are interested to hear what is Thiago’s favorite type of traveling.

I do like ALL kinds of trips. The most important thing for me is to be on the road as much, as I can! I won’t lie, I used to LOVE flying on airplanes, but after one (very) traumatic flight, now I’m very afraid of flying. Though, that doesn’t stop me, haha. Nowadays, most of my trips are by air because I like going to different countries and, also, although I have a driver’s license since the age of 18, I have never used it and I think I don’t even know how to drive anymore.

How many places have you visited?

After my trip to India, I have reached  the number of 65 countries and I’m planning to visit 7 more until the end of the year.

What was your longest trip?

My longest trip was one I did in the last year of Law School. It lasted for 3 months! I decided I was going to burn my miles and do a “half-world” tour, so my aunt and I started in the Mauritius Islands and then went to South Africa to do the Garden Route; after that I went to Europe to meet my parents, sister, cousins and two friends from Brazil and we visited Berlin, Poznan (Poland) and London; from there, I went along with my sister to Miami to meet my uncle, aunt and two cousins for a trip to Orlando and a cruise in the Caribbean; after that, I went with my sister to Seattle to meet a friend from Brazil; from there, went to Chicago to visit another friend from Brazil that lives there; then on to Nebraska to visit the family I lived with in 2006 when I was an exchange student in the US; then finished with my sister and two friends in Las Vegas and San Francisco, before going back to Brazil.

Travel inspiration
Myanmar by Thiago Sa.

Wow!! That sounds like an amazing trip you had. What is the most wonderful place you have ever visited?

People always ask me that question and, for a while, I found it hard to answer, since I have been to many wonderful places. Sometimes you can’t compare different kinds of places and trips. But, in 2015, I visited New Zealand (South and North Islands) and that country quickly became TOP1 on my list. New Zealand is such an amazing place! It has it all: cities, mountains, glaciers, adventure sports, lakes, national parks, geysers, you name it! Sometimes it feels like you are not even on Earth!

What were the most memorable or challenging stories from your trips?

I have lots of memories from my trips. The most recent one was when I lost my GoPro with ALL my pictures in the Small Lagoon, in El Nido, Philippines. That is a  12-meter deep lagoon and I thought I would never see my pictures again, until the boat driver told me he could dive in apnea. He dove, stayed 2 minutes under water with no equipment and came back with my GoPro safe and sound!

I also have lots of good memories from my New Zealand trip, where my sister and I did black water rafting, skydiving and heli-hike on Franz Josef Glacier (and managed to force my mom to go with us on this one!). But I would say the most memorable thing from all my trips are the friends I make from all over the world. I love to talk about how different cultures around the world are and to watch how even the small things are handled so differently in different countries.

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