Travel Inspiration with Wanderer Jacelyn from Singapore

About the Traveler

About the Traveler

Travel Inspiration
Above the New York City. (Photo by Jacelyn)

First of all, we asked our dear guest to introduce herself.

I’m Jacelyn, and I’m 19 years old student from Singapore.

How do you manage to harmonize between your other activities and travels? And with whom are you traveling?

Mostly I travel during my school holidays, so on average it makes about 80 days of traveling each year. My constant travel companions are my parents.

What’s your inspiration for traveling?

My inspiration for traveling is my dad. He believes that there are so many more things to see out there that you just can’t stay in one place.


7-week-long road trip through the US was planned by Jacelyn herself. (Photo by Jacelyn)

Just by looking to Jacelyn’s Instagram account it is clear that she could tell us a lot about planning a road trip through both – Europe and United States. Here gallery is full of shots from the most beautiful and, also, less known places in both these continents and Asia, so we were very excited to hear about the travels that left her the biggest impression. We started with a question of what type of traveling she likes the most.

I definitely love air travel, but I also enjoy road trips, especially in United Stated, and travel by train in Europe.

How many places have you visited and what was your longest trip?

Until now I’ve visited 25 countries in total. My longest trip was last year, it lasted for 35 days. It was a road trip through US and I’m proud to say that I planned it personally!

Could you briefly describe the trip that left you the biggest impression?

Even before the start of this road trip through US, I knew that it will be a trip of a lifetime. And I was right!

I believe that I’m truly blessed to spend 7 weeks simply traveling, visiting many new places that I’ve never been to before!

Travel Inspiration
Peaceful day at the beach in Malaysia. (Photo by Jacelyn)

What is the most wonderful place you have ever visited?

It would be really difficult just to pick one place among all that I found amazing. Nevertheless, if there is one country that I wouldn’t mind visiting many times, it would be US!

What was the most memorable or challenging story from your trips/about traveling?

I think that the most challenging part about traveling would probably be maintaining relationships.

I’m the person who flies off immediately at the beginning of the holidays and you’ll probably not see me until the start of the new term. But, happily, I’m blessed with many wonderful and understanding friends!


Travel Inspiration
Hello there! (Photo by Jacelyn)

As we all want to capture our travel memories in the best way we can, we love asking our dear guests about their personal photography technique. Firstly, about the equipment they use.

My first camera was Canon 650D, though I do remember snapping away with my dad’s Lumix when we went on trips, when I was young.

The camera I’m currently using is Canon 70D. I’m really pleased with it and don’t plan on changing to another model anytime soon. Also, most of the time when I’m on the move I use my Iphone 6s. Especially, to take photos of the food that I’m tasting!

What is that you love to take pics of the most?

I love taking photos of paths and streets. Somehow, photos of them, especially those that show a long and curvy road ahead, gives me a peaceful, relaxing feeling. For me such captures associates with the way of life: there always is a way and to move on, is just to continue walking.

Travel Inspiration
At the foothills of great Matterhorn Mountain. (Photo by Jacelyn)

Walk us through some basic rules that you apply to when taking photos. Are there some particular techniques?

Personally, I prefer taking bright and warm pictures, because I dislike the photos that look rather gloomy. It makes people feel kind a sad!

My basic rule is to snap whenever it’s possible, because you may never get the chance to shoot from the same angle again.


Travel Inspiration
Exploring the Big Apple. (Photo by Jacelyn)

We want to say a HUGE thanks to our dear guest Jacelyn. Her stories made us dream about the road trip through United States even more!

At the end we always ask our guest one final question: why do you think everyone should travel and what they’re missing out in their life otherwise?

Life is too short, don’t wait for the right moment. It’s never too late to start traveling!

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