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5 Tips for Making Travel Memories Last


Travel memories

Make your travel memories last!

Collecting things is so much fun! Especially, when they hold an extra value – precious travel memories. We both are from those people who love making their best memories visible in their everyday life. I mean, Dear Reader, could there be a better house decoration than the wonderful emotions that we were lucky enough to experience? Or the view of an amazing place which we had a chance to see and experience in reality? Well, I don’t think so! And that’s why over the years we came up with some, in my personal opinion, very classy ways, how to make our travel memories last.

We have 5 essential ways how we are preserving those precious moments, and all these principles are traveling everywhere we go for a longer time. We have all those in both of our childhood homes, we had those in Porto, where P. studied for Erasmus, and we have it here, in our temporary home in Belgium. Our travel memories are the coziest home decorations that we have ever thought of. And making them last made us invent several very great travel traditions!

If you, Dear Reader, love collecting moments, as much as we do, you have to hear us out! Here are 5 ideas how to create new travel traditions for making your travel memories last. 

About L.

She has a serious mental disorder, which is associated with the Harry Potter world. It is stated, that symptoms of uncommon behavior started when she read about the Hogwarts and the Wizardry World for the first time. Now she’s in her mid-20’s and is in constant search of magical signs all other the world.1 Another thing is that while travelling L. is acting like a little child in a toys shop – she is super excited and she wants everything. Due to this, she knows and sees a lot, but has difficulties in simply stopping and enjoying a moment.

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