5 Tips for Making Travel Memories Last

Making Travel Memories Last

#1 Get a Pin-Hat

Travel memories
P.’s travel cap.

Everybody collects fridge magnets, and that’s cool – seeing them cheer us up every morning. But how about a bit more classy, and not so common travel souvenir collection? On your travel hat?!

From his family trip to US several years ago, P. came up with a brilliant idea – collecting souvenir-pins on the travel cap. He brought back two identical caps just with different names embroidered on them. One for him, and one for me. Since then, it’s kind a tradition to visit a local souvenir shop at the end of our trip, and pick the most authentic pins for our collection. Though, I have to admit, that over the time only P.’s cap preserved its true meaning – to be worn. As I am not to used to wearing any type of hats, so mine got a special place on the shelf in the living room.

#2 Send Postcards

Travel memories
Postcards are fun both for a sender and for a receiver!

When was the last time you have sent, or received a postcard? If it’s been a while, then you need to take this tradition back to life! We have totally forgot about this type of communication, either. But this changed last spring, when our friend went on a trip to Indonesia, and sent us a postcard full of best wishes from the sunny Bali island. The feeling to receive greetings through ordinary mailbox, on an ordinary paper postcard was so great, that it instantly became a thing on our travels. On those rare journeys, when we travel separately, I send postcards to P., he sends postcards to me, and afterwards they find a place on our pin board. What is more, from time to time, we send them to family and friends. And now – so does they!

There are two things that makes sending and receiving postcards so great. First, it’s the surprise factor. People don’t expect to receive any news from their loved ones during ordinary mail. There is a Messenger for that now. And that’s where we get them! Postcard instead of usual advertisements, or bills in their mailboxes, will surely make their day. Secondly, a beautiful postcard with handwritten greetings will become a great travel souvenir. And it will fit wherever, they will put it: on the fridge, on the shelf, or on the pin board. And the best thing is, that next time you can be the one to receive greetings, handwritten by them!

And one more thing. There is nothing bad to send some vacation mood to future you. It will be fun to receive a postcard when you will already be in the circle of a daily routine.

#3 Get an Instant Camera

Travel memories
My pink one beauty! Fujifilm Instax Mini 8.

The beauty of an instant camera is that with one press of the button you will have a true travel emotion in your hand. We have tons of pics on our phones and computers, but they don’t bring us such an emotions like that one instant camera snap! does.

I got my wonderful, pink Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 instant camera as a Christmas gift from P., and since then those small pics have became the main travel souvenir from all of our journeys. One pic from one city, or place, that we loved. Though, the sometimes pic quality isn’t very satisfying, and the price of one shot is quite high, but those small pics have a huge emotional value for me. It frames our best moments!

#4 Get a Photo Album

When was the last time you printed a photo? I know that this idea isn’t an innovation, but it’s the same like with sending postcards. We forgot about how much fun it can bring! Put your instant or regular camera pics into the photo album, and place it on your shelf. It will be 10 times more classy to open a photo album and to show others the best moments from the wonderful places that you visited. Or, while sitting with your friends and family, to remember all the good times you have had traveling together. Or simply cheer yourself by opening it on a rainy day! Because the effect of that folder on your computer desktop won’t be even similar to good, old photo album.

#5 Get a Pin board

Travel memories
this is the place where most of our travel memories are stored.

Personally, this is my favorite and the essential way to make travel memories last. Pin board is the place where every more significant piece of our journeys find their place. Postcards, pics, tickets, small souvenirs. Everything that needs to be saved, but don’t have other particular place, goes on our pin board. I see it as a easy, cheap and fun way not only to make your best travel moments visible in your everyday life, but also a great way to decorate and to make your home more charming. Pin the best things of your travels, and it will cheer you up everyday!

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