Travel Tales from a Girl Inspired by Video Games

About the Traveler

About the Traveler

travel inspiration
Meet our dear guest @vixabroad!

First things first! Every good story has to start from the description of the main character, so let’s hear who is behind those great travel photos.

Firstly, we would love to hear more about you! Could you, please, tell us more about yourself as a traveler? How do you manage to harmonize between your job and travels?

I was in retail for many years – part time for travel focused companies, so they would allow me the necessary time off to go travelling as it was in keeping with their image. I now work freelance which is again ideal for travelling.

With whom are you usually traveling?

I usually travel with family, my dad in particular, my boyfriend, friends or solo (if I have to).

travel inspiration
Jordan by @vixabroad.

What’s your inspiration for traveling?

My inspiration for travel comes from travel itself being so addictive! I love seeing new places, having new experiences and meeting new people. I love travel photography and magazines, more obscurely, I loved Tomb Raider as a child and, since all the game levels are about exploration of amazing places,  I think that has had quite a significant influence on me growing up.

So, here you have it. Survey1 shows that allowing kids play computer games are a great way to enrichen them as personalities!

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