Travel Tales from a Girl Inspired by Video Games



travel inspiration
India through the lens of @vixabroad.

Tam-Da-Da-Dam!! We are excited to present the part of this interview which will make your wanderlust huge as the Everest.

What type of traveling do you like the most?

I like road trips and interrailing. I do a lot of flying, but in recent years have become strangely afraid of it. Also, I would love to do a round the world cruise.

How many places have you visited, and what was your longest trip?

I have visited 53 countries so far – a lot with my parents when I was younger.

My longest trip was just over 2 months for my ‘gap year’ when I traveled along Russia, China, Indonesia, Jordan to Egypt and that’s been my biggest and favourite adventure. In the same year I did a middle states road trip with my dad which is also among my favourite memories.

travel inspiration
Wyoming by @vixabroad.

What is the most wonderful place you have ever visited?

Petra in Jordan – it was a once in a lifetime experience – we had early morning trekked and coming round the corner to see the treasury was rewarding in itself. I loved Petra, it’s my favourite wonder and my favourite day.

Being in Bali is another – it’s beauty of landscape and people. Oregon, Cannon Beach is a family favourite – very moody and beautiful scenery.

What was the most memorable or challenging story from your trips?

Xi’an. I came from Beijing where I didn’t need my translation book, so I stupidly left it behind and when I arrived in Xi’an no one spoke a word of English, so I found it very hard to navigate places. I nearly missed my flight out of there too!

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