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@vixabroad loves taking portraits!

It is time for improving our photography skills, Dear Reader! Gallery of @vixabroad is full of captivating shots from all over the world. Let’s hear what secrets our dear guest has for making those shots look so great!

Tell us a bit about the equipment that you are using. With what did you start? What do you use now? Why did you choose this particular model? Is there a camera that is on your wish list?

I am using a Canon 600D. My dad is a hobby photographer and said it is a good mid of the range model. He shoots on a 5D, which I would love to get my hands on! The dinky-ness of my Canon camera suits me, though, and I’ve inherited his love of the brand. But I have to say, that I also love Leicas!

What was that that inspired you to get into photography? Do you have like role models?

My dad, probably. He loves shooting everything and he’s very good.

Also, I really liked Mario Testino from seeing his work in magazines as a teen. Otherwise, I really don’t know that much about photographers. This is something I should explore!

travel inspiration
And capturing cats!!

What is that you love to take pics of the most? Moreover, why?

Portraits of people in action. But not professional headshots, more everyday activities! I love to shoot decorative details such as doors, tiles and greenery. Also, cats! 🙂

Walk us through some basic rules that you apply to when taking photos. Are there some particular techniques? Do you take pictures only during some particular time of day?

No rules, I can barely figure out how aperture works. However I will do anything to avoid using flash as I prefer natural light.

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