Discovering the World: Inspiring Story from a Traveler Carrie



Travel Inspiration
Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park (Utah) by Carrie.

We bet that this is the most interesting part to all of us, isn’t it, Dear Reader? Carrie’s Instagram feed suggests that discovering new lands is her thing, therefore we are very excited to hear about her greatest adventures!

What type of traveling do you like the most?

I love traveling by plane the most! Flying a few thousand miles above the ground lets me leave all my worries behind and clear my head for a new adventure.

What was your longest trip? 

My longest trips are usually staying a month or so in China. I spend half of the time with my family and the other half going around to new places I haven’t been with parents.

Could you briefly describe the trip that left you the biggest impression? 

My two-week long Germany trip with my mom last August was a huge turning point for me. To be honest, it wasn’t exactly the sights (but those were beyond gorgeous too!). When my mom and I go traveling, she tends to be the one handling most of the planning. However, for Germany, I planned the whole trip by myself including all the logistics of hotels and trains, etc. The trip was a success, and I can tell that my mom finally sees me as an adult and trusts me to handle all of my life responsibilities.

Travel Inspiration
Canals of Venice by Carrie.

What is the most wonderful place you have ever visited?

I will always love going back to China and watch the cities grow and change. Standing at the same intersection I had in kindergarten and remembering all the guises it went through – it is so nostalgic and bittersweet. I’m probably also biased, haha.

What was the most memorable or challenging story from your trips?  

Gosh, I actually have so many weird stories from my trips. Most of the memorable ones usually pertain to meeting random travelers and hearing their stories – but everyone has those stories. So I’ll share something a bit unconventional.

I was flying back to LA from Shanghai. After checking in, going through the security and doing my fruitless rounds at the duty free areas, I headed towards my gate for departure, about an hour to my boarding time. Then I got stopped by a lady manning a small local delicacy post on the side. “Hey girl, when’s your flight? Can you help me? I’ll give you some money to help me buy something.”

Then she gave me a stack of 100RMB1 and a piece of paper with a QR code on one side and Chinese characters indicating cigarette brands on the back. She first directed me to a duty free shop behind her post.

I went up to the cashier and hand him the QR code. “I’m buying some cigarettes.” The cashier didn’t say much and proceeded to grab 6 packages of cigs (which “I” bought at a discount) along with 2 more of 2 other brands (which I assume were freebies).
The total came out to be 1216RMB. The cashier put all the cigs in a paper bag and then asked for my boarding pass to scan.

Travel Inspiration
Dreamy villages of China by Carrie.

Ah. It suddenly came to me. That’s why she asked a random traveler to help her. Only travelers can buy duty free products in the airport. I handed over the money and my boarding pass, and that was that.

I went back to the lady, and she had me doing the same thing at the duty free shop across from her post. After everything’s done, she gave me an apple. “Oh no, it’s okay.” “No, take it! Remember to wash before you eat it!”

I am pretty sure she was going to sell single packages at a much higher price to make some extra money. I wondered if she knew that I understood what I was doing for her. In any case, the incident left me confused. Should I have refused her? What would you have done?

What do you think, Dear Reader? Should have Carrie refused to do that? As we think of it, we would have probably done the same and be left with a mixed feelings too. Though, one thing clear – the lady was definitely very happy with Carrie’s decision!

  1. Renminbi, the official currency of China.

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