Discovering the World: Inspiring Story from a Traveler Carrie



Travel Inspiration
West Coast through the lens of Carrie.

One more thing about Carrie that you should know. She really knows how to handle her camera! Therefore, we would love to hear the tips that she has to share!

Firstly, tell us a bit about the equipment that you are using. With what did you start? What do you use now?

I’ve been using the Sony Nex-6 for about a year and half now. It is a light mirrorless and thus so much more travel friendly than other bulky DSLRs. Before this camera, I’m embarrassed to say, I only have been using point and shoots.

What was that inspired you to get into photography? Do you have like role models?

At first, back in the middle school, I started taking photos to document my memories. Then it became more of a “how can I do better next time” that developed into a hobby close to heart. So, I am really still an amateur trying to find a certain aesthetics to call my own.

Travel Inspiration
Mexican rooftops by Carrie.

What is that you love to take pics of the most? Moreover, why?

I love to shoot architecture. Not only does architecture embody the character and culture of the places I’m exploring, but repetitive geometric shapes always gets me.

Walk us through some basic rules that you apply to when taking photos. Are there some particular techniques? Do you take pictures only during some particular time of day? 

The two main things I pay attention in taking photos is lighting and perspective. I really like to shoot during sunny days when the light brings out the vivid colors around me. I also want to show others how I see and construct the reality in front of me.

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