Let’s visit Amsterdam this weekend!

Visit Amsterdam
Gotta wait for the next boat, pals.

Everyone has a good reason why they would like to visit Amsterdam. We, personally, have heard lots of stories about the beauty of this city. Also, since this September our very close friend started living in this city1. In our apartment’s chalk-board we had her birthday marked pink2 two weeks before the occasion. So, as it was the last weekend before her b-day, we had a very important reason to show up in the capital of Netherlands.

Car trip

Those who follow us on Instagram, should’ve got an idea what we saw while we were driving. Primarily, we were thinking of taking a train trip, but as we were very mislead by some train ticket apps3, we decided to go with our car.

The beauty of Amsterdam’s bicycles

Of course, driving is fun, but for such short-range, no-idea-where-to-park trips it becomes a bigger problem. So before the trip we found this app called the ParkU, which really helped us to find the parking spot before getting to Amsterdam. We paid 27 Euros for 24-hour parking. Which is significantly less compared to parking on a street for 3-5 Euros per hour city fee.

One thing that became clear to me in this city is that, if you decide to visit Amsterdam, better not do it with your car. The reason is that bicycles are everywhere. Cars seem to be discriminated – if you don’t let a bike pass where ever it wants, you will get a look from the cyclist if like you’re some kind of psychopath.

So, as much as we love traveling with car, we’ve decided that whenever we’ll go to a bigger city in Benelux countries we’ll use trains.

Walking through Amsterdam

As we arrived we were greeted by our fantastic hostess and we went for a walk around this beautiful city. Our trip started by the river Amstel, where we had a calm and very interesting walk with our ol’ friend.

Happiness is always not that far away.
Happiness is always not that far away.

I was amazed by many different and unseen things, so I just couldn’t stop capturing images with my camera. First of all, I loved that many people have their houses built on the river. Some people were even living just in a boat, but with a proper home entrance yard. Secondly, I was amazed by the number of bikes. And as they all got that nice vintage-retro look, I took so many images, that I even made a gallery out of it. Then the canals. Absolutely awesome. All the small bridges covered by flowers and bikes. Finally, the neon-signboards. Well, I just love them, and they are everywhere. And with most interesting names on it.

And what amazed me the most is that we saw all this until the night-time.

Now what we saw through the night is not allowed to picture. But, I actually got this picture from flea market and some additional ones that sums our evening pretty much very well.

Amsterdam Experience ( Full Size)

visit amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Colors ( Full Size)

visit amsterdam

Amsterdam Night ( Full Size)

visit amsterdam

Unfortunately, we were not able to take the most from Amsterdam’s night life. The reason for that – we wanted to get as early as possible to visit the …

Flea market

We got up at 11:30. We got there at the closing hours. Still, we knew that if you visit Amsterdam, you have to visit the flea market. And we were not disappointed.

These places have some special vibe. Despite the fact that most of the stuff there is trash and the ones who are selling are trying to fool you, I love it. It’s impossible to describe all the things you can find there and this time I believe it’s easier to show some of the images than tell.

1990’s children dream ( Full Size)

Tea Party ( Full Size)


Shoes of Evel Knievel ( Full Size)


5 Euro Luxury ( Full Size)


Life ( Full Size)


Sadly, I haven’t purchased anything interesting during this visit. Though, I got a good idea of what I can find and I will definitely get something next time.

Visit Amsterdam!

Overall, 24 hours in Amsterdam turned out to be really spectacular. We want to say a special thanks to our beautiful, lovely and amazing hostess for making our first Amsterdam experience really wonderful and we just can’t wait to visit this spectacular city again!

  1. Which is very close (250 km) to where we live now
  2. that’s her favorite color  
  3. which stated that we will pay 300+ Euros for two-way two-person 250 km weekend trip