1 reason why you should visit Durbuy

Durbuy is just out of this world!

The decision to go to Durbuy was as unexpected, as the beauty of this city. As I got home after my lectures L. told me that she found this very small city not far from where we live. From the few pictures on the internet it looked nice. We had a free afternoon and some evening plans, so we calculated that we had two hours to explore this city. Depending on Durbuy’s size1,  it seemed just enough.

Boy, were we wrong..

Reasoning to visit Durbuy

Every time I read a guide on why to visit any city it has some particular number of reasons. And it’s good. For example, I found article on 7 reasons why to visit Durbuy. Only this time it seemed a bit funny and silly2. Basically, you have a visiting reason for every two streets in the city.

In my opinion, there’s only one really important reason to visit this city


Though, there’s only 14 streets in this city we got lost. We just got hypnotized by the beauty of the streets around us. I started just to go straight and taking pictures of everything and L. did the same just went the other direction. Only after some time we realized that we lost each other. This is how beautiful this little city was.

Short summary

Why is it called the smallest city in the world?

Few days ago we added a picture from Durbuy to our Instagram account. We asked our community if they could provide us with the answer why is it called the smallest city in the world? Also we were doing one mistake by calling Durbuy not city, but town. So, we wanna say special thanks to @villalouisedurbuy, who corrected our mistake and provided us with the answer:

Actually it’s called the smallest city in the world, not the smallest town. In the middle ages, the denominator “city” was only given to towns which had city walls, city jurisdiction etc. That’s where it comes from.

Turns out it’s the smallest city, because it has a reason to be called city despite being this small!

Our experience

From the moment you enter the city you’re surprised how well-kept and sleek this city is. Firstly everything is clean and all the trees are beautifully cut. Secondly, all the buildings, bridges complement each other just perfectly. Finally, there’s some unexplainable mood lingering in the air. This atmosphere probably comes from the medieval times when this city was an important centre of commerce and industry.

Simply put, once you get to the streets around the main city church you just loose your composure. As we were here during the early autumn everything looked even more impressive. The city was colored in many different wonderful colors. In conclusion, everything was just PERFECT.

What other reasons do you need to realize that once you’re in Belgium, you must visit Durbuy?

Durbuy gallery

As I’ve said I made a lot of pictures there. I will let the images do the speaking for my behalf.

Also, I want to emphasize that the pictures with OM tag were shot with the vintage Olympus OM-Mount lens3, that I got in the Brussels flea market!

The road ( Full Size)Durbuy

The castle OM ( Full Size)Durbuy

The river ( Full Size)img_4512s

The stones OM ( Full Size)Durbuy

The bike ( Full Size)Durbuy

The autumn ( Full Size)Durbuy

The bridge ( Full Size)Durbuy

  1. 14 streets and 250 inhabitants
  2. No offense
  3. S. Zuiko 35-70mm f4