Frames in Dubrovnik. Weekly Photo Challenge (Frame)


In our everyday life we frame a lot of different sort of things, feelings, behaviour. We frame pictures and paintings. We frame our memorable moments. Also, we frame ourselves, our behaviour and emotions in front of the others.

But what about how the world frames itself?

It is the question of this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. I have to admit, that it took some time for us to rethink all the moments of our road trips, journeys and other wanderings, in order to choose that one picture, which we believe is the best illustration for word ‘frame’.

However, we managed to do it by remembering our trip to Dubrovnik. I remember the moment when we admired how this fantastic city had framed itself by seeking to be safe and protected. I’m talking about the Walls of Dubrovnik. They frame all the spectacular old town into one big picture, which you can admire from the top of them. And the most impressive thing is that while walking on the Walls and enjoying the big framed view of the town, you also find a lot of places to see how city inserted itself into various small, but very intriguing frames.

And one of those smaller frames of Dubrovnik is our answer to the questions of this week’s photo challenge. 

Have a nice weekend, Dear Friends!