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Through the Eyes of a Local: Wendelmoet and Amsterdam



As our community on Instagram grows, we get to meet a lot of new people from a lot of different and amazing places! That is why we got this idea to not only share our own experiences in destinations we visit, but to also talk with the locals about their cities. It is always interesting to hear what a person who ACTUALLY lives there has to say!

Not accidentally, our first guest is a local from Amsterdam. Why not accidentally, you might ask. Well, during our travels in Benelux countries the capital of The Netherlands definitely became our favorite place to visit. That is why we want to introduce to you our latest guest – Wendelmoet

She kindly agreed to tell us more about the city, its’ traditions and many other things. We were more than excited to hear about it and to share it with all of you!

So, without further ado, here is what we asked Wendelmoet:

Lets start reading, we promise, it is one of the best interviews we had! 

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We tend to give a different perspective on traveling and give you more natural view on what’s happening on our travels. We don’t spend hours waiting for right conditions to take a photo or nor we believe in writing about every experience as it was a time of our lifetime or something that will stay in our memories forever. It is how it is, some things we like, some we don’t, some are neutral. We don’t fancy bloggers, who write about everything with unnecessary ton of exaggerated emotions and we wish in our blog posts to convey our emotions and experiences as they were, not how they should be in perfect world. Hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy writing it!

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