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Glimpse Through the Windows. Christmas Edition!

“May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.”      

             – Mary Anne Radmacher

Finally, the coziest time of the year is here! We hope that your jolly Christmas spirit is on, Dear Reader. As we have already unpacked gifts from our Santa Clauses, and had Christmas breakfast, we have a minute during which we want to share some of the Christmas mood that we found in the past few weeks. And we want to do that in a way we like the most – by glimpsing through the windows. Just this time our window collection is even better – it’s all about Christmas!

So, let’s glimpse through the windows in wintery…

… Brugge, Belgium


Classy, mature and authentic. That’s what this one is about and that’s why whole Brugge is so wonderful.


Those stairways on the tops of Belgian roofs looks so awesome. Though, with Christmas decorations it looks like from the fairy tale.


This is total Christmas classics! Red and rich green, bubble lights and the background of red old bricks – this one is the most sophisticated Christmas window in Brugge.


And if the previous one was the most sophisticated, then here we have the most joyful of them all!


Stairways again! Just this time this window looks like straight from the fancy-shmancy gift shop. 

… Gent, Belgium


Here we have Mr. Window waiting elegantly for Christmas to come. As always, windows are mirrors of the city, and this one shows how sophisticated Gent is.

… Quedlinburg, Germany


Wood everywhere! So natural and so authentic and the same time. Love how rich such a modest decorations can look.


Mr. Spooky-Christmas-Window is our favorite from Germany. It definitely pops out from all the cheerful ones!


Actually, here we have a creatively decorated fence. L. type of idea to fence of the backyard! 

Despite everything, we have to admit that this one reflects true Christmas spirit the best. Quedlinburg wishes us cozy and peaceful winter holidays!

What do you think of our Christmassy windows, Dear Reader? Which one of them are your favorite? Personally we like that grumpy one from Quedlinburg the most. 

Merry Christmas, Dear Reader! Thank you for being with us. It means a lot to have you by our side.

Yours, Christmassy Traveler’s Child. 

About L.

She has a serious mental disorder, which is associated with the Harry Potter world. It is stated, that symptoms of uncommon behavior started when she read about the Hogwarts and the Wizardry World for the first time. Now she’s in her mid-20’s and is in constant search of magical signs all other the world.1 Another thing is that while travelling L. is acting like a little child in a toys shop – she is super excited and she wants everything. Due to this, she knows and sees a lot, but has difficulties in simply stopping and enjoying a moment.

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