Glimpse Through the Windows in Gerberoy

“I went window shopping today! I bought four windows.”

Tommy Cooper

Windows are the source of light and opportunities in our lives, both – metaphorically and literally. I believe that by being so important to our world from the inside, windows are also a way to understand others. Dear Reader, I have already told you once, that in my opinion, windows and window frames illustrate the culture, traditions and beliefs of those who lives there.

While travelling, I love to search for the reflections of local people thoughts in the small details, like street art paintings or decorations. But windows are probably the thing that I admire the most. I believe that the thing through which person welcomes the world  every day is the thing that also reflects their attitude towards it.

Welcome to Gerberoy!

Through the windows in Gerberoy

Several days ago we started a three-day road trip through Belgium and Northern France, which ended in a small, but extraordinary beautiful village in France, called Gerberoy. And oh, Dear Reader, how many breathtaking windows have I found there! And yet I still can’t believe that this kind of wonderful and charming town can exist nowadays… While walking there, I asked P. for, probably, three or four times, if he believes that real people really live here, because I felt more like in the wonderland, than in France.

However, before you will hear a full story of our wonderful three-day wanderings, I want to warm you up just with the details.  But we promise, that you will see the full picture of this unique little town in the near future. So consider this post as a teaser for our upcoming writings!

So here are my window characters from Gerberoy!

Town’s Mischievous


This one is a town’s soul! Due to being one of the several windows in the house, whose colours attracts the most tourist attention, this window looks like really the most mischievous of them all. You know, like the mischievous kid in the class. 

Town’s Sophisticated


Among the brightly coloured windows and window frames of Gerberoy, this one really pops out with its sophisticated manners.

Town’s Romantic


Pastel colours, view covered with rose petals – this one is definitely the most romantic from the others in town! Considering what a lovely street is seen from this window, you can’t have doubt that there really exist windows-romantics. 

Town’s Solitary


Narrow opening, rose thorns, darkness – this is the loneliest window in the town of Gerberoy…But that gives him even more charm and makes him even more interesting, don’t you think?

Town’s Wacky


Perfectly matching different bright colours and different patterns makes this one towns wacky. Charming and a bit crazy at the same time!

Town’s Secretive


Seems like these shutters have seen a lot – both from the inside and from the outside. Among all the charming and a bit crazy, this window seems like having the most secrets of them all. And by this it is definitely the most intriguing – like from a drama movie.

Town’s Cheerful


Coloured like no other, mixed with various flowers, but not masked by them this window looks like the most cheerful spirited in whole town of Gerberoy.

Town’s Artsy


Seems like a lot of paintings were drawn, while watching through this one. And it doesn’t matter that the opening is so narrow – the window seems so bright and warm, like a pallet of pastel colours.

Town’s Accurate


Town’s Accurate seems like the wisest and decisive of them all. Like a window mayor with a lot of knowledge and experience, doesn’t it? 

Town’s Silly


Very kind, cheerful, without any heavy thoughts and a bit silly. This window reminds of the Silly Dwarf from The Snow White to me. 

Town’s Modest Beauty


This one is a combination of beauty and modesty to me. Seems like a preserved, gracious and modest princess at the same time.

What do you think about Gerberoy just glimpsing through its windows? Can you imagine who is living behind the glass and shutters? I am waiting for your thoughts in the comments, Dear Reader! 

P. S. Mine favourite is Town’s Romantic. Which is yours?