Glimpse through the windows

Keep creating new windows, from which to look at your world.

Don Shapiro

Each window has a personal story, just like the person, who looks through it everyday. But how much can us passersby, notice just by glance through a window?

In my opinion, windows and window frames illustrates the culture, traditions and beliefs of the locals. Let’s catch a glimpse of the life reflections, that I collected while travelling to Porto.

 Through the glass in…

… Labanoras, Lithuania


A small village in the woods is known for its – surprise, surprise – wooden architectural heritage. Nowadays this window belongs to the souvenir shop.

… Kaunas, Lithuania


Window of Kaunas Art School looks intriguing and spooky at the same time. But it definitely attracts the passerby’s attention.

… Goslar, Germany


The place, where other exterior details puts windows into the shade.

… Arbois, France


Villages in France are colorful like rainbow. Have you noticed that all the colors are located around the windows? Colorful window frames, shutters, flowers on the windowsills. It makes a view to the world more charming.


Each family has its own ways to make Arbois more charming.

… Colmar, France


Colmar is a visual definition for a word dreamy (having a magical or pleasantly unreal quality).


After a stroll in Colmar, I decided that the best and the easiest way to decorate a house, is to put a lot of flower around all the windows.

…  La Coruña, Spain


Most of the windows in La Coruña are either abandoned, or dirty, or depressing. However, not everyday you will see a Buddha sitting beneath the glass.

… Toledo, Spain


Windows in Toledo leaves an impression, that a lot of historical events were watched through them.

… Sintra, Portugal


Each window in Sintra is like a framed 3D painting. Each of them tells a different intriguing story.


Sintra with its perfect window frames and decorations is the perfect end in our window journey. Remember, sometimes small details can say more about the city than its big basilicas, or monuments. 

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P. S. I would like to hear, which of these windows charmed you the most. Tell about it in the comments! Personally, my favourite is the first one, from Labanoras (Lithuania).