Work with us!

Work with us!

There are a number of ways to work with Traveler’s Child and join us on our mission to become a community which connects travelers from every corner of the world.

We love to share and read stories, we have experience in different fields of activities and we always give all of our attention to every project that we are working with. We believe in taking a long road in order to create an engaged community, which is sincerely interested in our brand. That is why we are strongly against spamming and every conversation we have with our followers is real and sincere. We are working towards becoming something, that our followers can trust and can always expect content only of the highest quality.

Our goal is to create a casual social environment where everyone is heard and trusted. With casual, we mean, an environment where users do not feel like they are interacting with an institution or a corporation. We want our community to feel the warmth and friendliness from a personal contact.

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We worked with Traveler’s Child on a social media takeover for our online channels in the Tourism Industry. Throughout the whole project they showed great professional skill and I found it easy to communicate with them on every subject concerning this takeover. In the end, we managed to achieve great results with this project.

Alex Wyseur
Channel Expert @ Visit Flanders

What can we do?





We are always looking forward to working with projects related to:

  • Promoting destinations;
  • Promoting products;
  • Creating travel-related content: articles, travel guides, photos, videos.

Our work

During the first year of activity, we made several bigger collaborations with tourism information centers in Lithuania and Belgium. Our main responsibility was to create a visual and textual content with the goal to promote destinations. Here are our work examples:

Our experience

  • L. has started filling her resume page at the age of 16 when still in the school she started working as a dance teacher. Later while studying at the university, she gained a lot of experience from real estate and tourism sectors, where she was working as a business manager. And finally, after graduating from university with the master’s degree in communication, she started her professional route in the field of public relations and communication with a strong focus on social media. 


  • P. has shown interest in blogging and content creating through digital tools since he was 12. Throughout high-school and university, he has participated in a number of projects, which gained popularity with local audiences. While in university P. gained a Public Communications bachelor degree and also for four years volunteered in university’s basketball team as a person responsible for communication through social media and with local news portals. He has also been a sports columnist for Lithuania’s biggest online news portal In recent years, he got Master’s degree in Marketing and Public Commerce, and Management.

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